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How to Play

  Crew Chief 1.0 is a game that tests your mechanical aptitude and your ability to set up a race car. The car is based upon a modern F2000 open-wheel, single-seat racer. Creation of the game involved research and interviews with championship winning crew chiefs and drivers. The chassis, aerodynamic, and gearing setups in the game were derived from this research. If you can successfully match the "expert" setups, then you will achieve the target lap time.

In the game, you are the Crew Chief for hire, and driver Tom Speed is enthusiastic but mechanically inept. You are trying to get Tom to the front of the pack through one practice session, three qualifying sessions, and a race. After each session you will see your driver’s position and best lap time. You are then allowed to ask him a limited number of questions regarding how the car performed, and you can examine car data, such as tire temperatures and an RPM telltale. Based on the information gained after each session, you will make setup changes to the car.

The game keeps a journal of your driver debrief sessions and your adjustments to help you make progress with car and driver. In addition, the game includes a race car setup tutorial, and details about our race car - dubbed the Formula iRacer - including photographs and sketches. You have tools to make changes to the chassis, tires, aerodynamics, and gearing.

You’ll pick among 14 American, European, and Asian circuits. Once you feel you have achieved a respectable aggregate race time, you can check to see where you rank among other game players, and post your score in the Winner’s Circle on this website.

Good luck, and enjoy!

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